New forum

I often look through Youtube and some time ago I was looking through Richard Dawkins video clips I came across one called “What if you’re wrong?”.
I read all the text comments from the very first one and sent a few replies myself.
One thing I noticed, as did many other people, was that apart from the fact that the threading left a lot to be desired, there was also a 500 character limit on replies.
On several occasions I found that I wanted to have my say and this limit was not enough. The only option that left was to start another comment and that just wasn’t good enough.

After a while I noticed other people starting to post that the limit was too low to have a proper debate/discussion and someone even suggested that we could do with a forum for it all.
So I decided to create one. I set it up today and while it is very minimal at the moment I hope to add categories/subjects as I think of them.

So far there is just the religion topic that I mentioned, created so that anyone who wanted to carry the discussions on without the 500 character limit could do so.

I have created a suggestions topic too which I hope will provoke people to suggest ideas for the themed subjects.

It’s all very new, but given time I hope it will become quite busy.

If you are interested click here to have a look and register if you wish to post. It’s free, of course and I welcome anyone with any sensible ideas or opinions.

If religion isn’t ‘your thing’, don’t worry, it won’t always just be about religion. As I say, I hope to expand the subjects soon. The religion topic is what started it all off, but don’t think it is going to be a heavily religious site full of only serious discussion on that subject.


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