The latest on Picture dot com

Well since I last mentioned Picture dot com I have been inundated with amazing offers to show off my fabulous photo. I’m just so good, I must be the best photographer in the World.

On Monday 28th January I received an email from someone telling me that if I go to the ‘2008 International Open Invitational Photography Contest!’ in Las Vegas they will present me with “A brand new digital camera”.

I have no idea how much it would cost me to get to Vegas, not including the amount of cash I would have to spend when I get there, but if they’re going to give me a free digital camera I might just go.

Click images for larger view.

Then on the 29th I had an email inviting me to join ‘The Photographers’ Workshop’.

Hang on a minute. A workshop? What does that mean then? Somewhere for me to improve my photography skills is my best guess. So one minute they’re throwing all these exclusive offers, that only the greatest photographers who get through the special selection rounds at Picture dot com are eligible for, at me and then the next day telling me I might want to go to a workshop to improve my photography? Surely I don’t need a workshop. I wonder, just out of curiosity, how much that workshop would cost me.

Now today, the latest thing they are offering me (considering I’m one of the ‘only 12%’ who receive such a something), at a very reasonable price I might add, a plaque. Not just any old plaque though, oh no, this is their “most exquisite and distinguished wall plaque ever.”

I think I should get a lot of these things, such as the plaque for example, free. I am supposed to be a great photographer (according to them) and my work is amazing and it has got through the first round of this & that and it’s going to be in a book, on a plaque, on cups & plates all around the world, mouse mats, T-shirts, in art galleries, on the side of the space shuttle, on the Queen’s mantel, hey maybe even on paper currency.


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