Inconsiderate people – Part 1

I was originally going to just title this ‘Inconsiderate people’, but I realised that I will most likely be needing that title again in the future, so added ‘part 1’.

My Son works as a KP in a hotel and his shifts change regularly, but generally once they are up on the board they are set. Just recently however the company has been playing this new game called ‘let’s change the rota at random & not tell anyone until it’s too late for them to do anything about it’.
This happened one time a little while ago and now again today.

He had booked a CBT course (that’s compulsory basic training for a motorcycle, for anyone who doesn’t know) with a local school and they managed to fit him in on Monday morning and said that he should be finished by 2:30pm.. which would leave him 30 minutes to get to work from the training centre. That would be pretty close, but we could do it. So it was all set, booked in, £25 deposit paid and all good to go.  Ah, but no, people got in the way. People again, those hideous creatures that always have to be flexing their muscles & messing with other people just because they can.

He got into work today (Sunday) and discovered that the rota had been changed and he is now on an early on Monday morning. They didn’t have the decency to ring him & tell him about it. Just waiting until he turned up at work this morning and found out for himself. Of course the rider training centre isn’t open on a Sunday and he is meant to be starting at 8:30am tomorrow. So he will have to ring them and leave a message on their answering machine that he can’t make it. There goes the £25 deposit.

Are companies allowed to do this sort of thing? Surely if you have been given work times a week in advance then they shouldn’t be allowed to just change them at random like that. Of course I know the answer to this already. Companies can do whatever they want. It’s a case of ‘Well if you don’t like being treated like shit you can always leave, there are plenty of other people waiting to take your place.’ So there it is. That’s why there is no loyalty to employers any more. they would rather get rid of someone who is a good worker and who knows the job and get in a completely new person who they will have to train up, rather than have a bit of common decency.

How is anyone supposed to make plans and organise their lives when bosses can just do this sort of thing?

I’m sure everyone has been in similar or worse situations at work and as I say, I know the reason why it is like it is, but I don’t think it should be. Yes there are loads of people out of work, but if everyone stood up for themselves and had any self-pride or dignity left & refused to be treated like something worthless, the employers would have to change their attitude or the country would come to a standstill. Again, of course I know this will never happen, but in an ideal world…


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