Facebook – They make it up as they go

I’ve had a facebook account for some time now and have on many occasions joined different groups & pages for different reasons. One of the main types of group I follow is pages that allow you space to sell things.
There is a particular group that covers various different regions to allow people from various places to advertise in their area and/or other areas. I joined around 10 of the regions close to me (including my own of course) so that I had a nice wide area to offer my items for sale.
The way these work is basically you upload a photo of the item you want to sell and add a little text to it (how great it is, how old it is, size, price etc) and publish it. Once published it should be visible on your wall and on the wall of the ‘For sale’ page that you post to.
On each different page for each region there is the option to upload a photo and share it with that page. However, to save a lot of time & hassle many people create a ‘For sale’ folder on their own facebook profile and simply drop the link to whatever it is they’re selling in whatever group they want to advertise it.
I did this successfully on several occasions, dropping the link to various items in anything up to 10 pages/groups at a time with no problem whatsoever… Until, one day recently.
On this particular day I did exactly the same thing, but actually dropped the link in fewer places than usual. 5 to be exact. When I tried to put another one into another page I had a message pop up telling me that it looks like I’m spamming and I have been banned from posting on walls for 15 days. Nice huh?

I tried to contact a human at facebook help centre, but that was, on reflection, a really stupid waste of time. Of course I didn’t get a reply. Oh I had the email telling me that they had received my message and that while they couldn’t always respond to each individual case, they would look at it. Well thanks for that.
So anyway I left it at that & logged out.

Next day I log into facebook and have actually forgotten that I was banned from posting on walls. I looked at a few of the humour pages that I have subscribed to and even managed to comment on a few of them. Then, all of a sudden, facebook remembers that I’m not supposed to be doing that & throws a message up saying something like “Hey, you can’t do that, we told you before that you are restricted from doing this because of your previous spammy & irrelevant posts”. WHAT? Spammy & irrelevant? Cheeky bleepers.

Well I decided that if I was being punished for using the features of the site & being prevented from socializing on a social network site that I wasn’t going to stand for it. So I sat down.

I decided to abandon that account and start a new one, which is what I did.
The only problem with that is that I have to now start building my profile & pages up again. Adding new photo’s & such and also making sure that any other applications/sites/etc that are linked to facebook are linked to the new account.

This is partly the reason for this blog entry. I want to make sure that I am linked properly here to the new account. If I’m not then this will have been a monumental waste of time. Wish me luck.


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