Here we are then.

While reading through some of my old blog posts and browsing through other people’s, I decided that I need a blog about something specific, as opposed to just my usual rantings & grumblings about silly things. While I will still keep the other blog going, I intend to focus more on this as it is more ongoing and will hopefully offer more opportunities for input.

As you may have guessed this blog is all about fish. More specifically, my fish. How exciting for you.

When I was quite young my parents kept tropical fish & I was always fascinated by them, so it’s no surprise that later in life I decided to keep my own. I started off badly, as many do, and didn’t really know what I was doing. When I got my first tank it was simply a case of ‘Fill it with water, put in a heater & filter and throw in a whole load of the prettiest fish I could find’. That didn’t work out too well for me or the fish. I’m pleased to say that having learned a few hard lessons along the way, I’m now a much more competent aquarist. I’m certain that my current stock must be pleased too.

I am no ‘expert’ and am still very much in the early learning stages concerning many parts of the hobby. I will mostly be sticking to what I know from my own experiences, but anything else I mention or show will (where possible) be attributed/linked to the relevent people/places. I will be concentrating on fresh water tropicals and coldwater fish. Don’t be put off if you’re a marine enthusiast though, I will be covering that at a later date.

So OK, this isn’t going to be something you’ve never seen before. Nothing new or mind-blowingly original, but just a personal record or diary of my experiences, purchases, discoveries & such that you are welcome to read and comment on if you wish. I welcome all comments & am always open to advice from people who have more experience or have just found better ways to do things or whatever.
As I only recently decided to start this blog, I obviously had to mark a point in time for it to begin. I considered just starting from now & just talk about whatever happens from today, but I thought that as I had a long break from keeping aquariums until fairly recently I would start from maybe a year or so ago. I’ll need to check the dates on the photo’s, but that’s roughly when I started seriously getting into it again.
Of course, I can’t remember any interesting specific events and dates from back then, so my intention is to run through it fairly quickly up to the here & now just so you have an idea of how things got to where they did.

Without further ado…

My current stock:

Firemouth cichlids
Convict cichlids
Gold severums
German blue rams
Platinum angelfish

Cleanup crew
Common plecos (Hypostomus)
Bristlenose plecos
Bronze corydoras
Flying foxes (Kuonobarbi)
Kuhli loach
Cherry shrimp
Bamboo/Wood shrimp

MIsc others
Ruby shark
Clown loach
Cardinal tetra
Neon tetra
Harlequin rasbora
Scissortail rasbora
Tiger barb
Honey gourami

Hibuna (Goldfish)


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