Reemergence from fishlessness

The first tank I got hold of was the Rio. It came ready to go, with a mature external Eheim pro 2 filter, heater, pumps & such, not to mention a big bag full of various plastic plants & tank decorations.
It didn’t need much in the way of cycling as the filter was full of the good stuff, but I let it run for a couple of weeks with nothing in but a few snails.

Juwel Rio
Juwel Rio

Once the water all checked out OK I started to add fish, as you do. I can’t remember what order I bought what, but I ended up with the usual, peaceful community tank. Swordtails, Cardinals, Ruby shark, Bala sharks, Clown loach, Corys, Gouramis & such.
As you can see I started off with all fake plants, mainly because they came with the tank. I did consider starting off with real plants, but I was too keen to get fish.
So, the fish all settled & everything is nice, running smoothly & I’m happy… for a while.
It’s not long though before I want more to do than just feed them & do water changes, so I decide to get real plants. Real plants are nicer, they’re real & beneficial & more natural… So I planted.


As soon as I’d finished planting I wasn’t happy with it. It looks too organised. Apparently they should spread themselves about, so maybe it’ll be OK.

(As always, click images for full size)


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