No bits you say

Kingsmill 5050

Just a quickie & I’m probably not allowed (or supposed) to mention the brand, but I’m sure most will recognise it anyway.  “50/50 with hidden wholegrain, no bits”.  I wonder what the manufacturers consider to be “bits” as I can clearly see what I would call bits on the edge of that crust.  Maybe that’s not what they mean, but if not, then I’m confused.


Desperate convict

You may have read here a while ago a post called Keen convicts. Well consider this a kind of sequel.

I mentioned that I recently shuffled some fish and part of that shuffling resulted in there being a tank with a female convict (the poor girl who was beaten up by the male last time she tried to raise a family), a male firemouth and a female Kribensis.

As soon as I’d let the firemouth out of his bag the convict was all over him, flirting and chasing the other away & such. He looked terrified, staying at the other end of the tank and trying to keep away from her. I left them to settle and sort it out for a while.
The next day the convict was excavating in one corner, back & forth with her mouth full of sand and looking pretty pleased with herself in general. The firemouth was still hiding in the furthest possible place from her. It was comical. I imagined her singing away to herself, making her little love nest & him with a worried look on his face. I don’t think he realises what she wants from him.
I have read that the two species will cross breed and it looks like that might be what is going on here.

Later that evening, there were eggs stuck to the glass in the previously excavated corner.
It’s a shame the glass is a bit smeary, but this is the best I got with the phone camera. She wasn’t too happy with me being so close to the corner either.

Female convict and eggs_rtc50pc
(Click image for full size)

The most recent thing I have to report is that the firemouth is now lurking very close to her corner and not looking too bothered about her being nearby any more. The convict is chasing the kribensis away when she’s nowhere near as close as the firemouth.

I’m not sure whether he’ll get the idea and anything will come of it or not, but It’ll be quite interesting if the eggs come to anything.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

For this photo challenge I couldn’t decide which of the following photo’s to use, so I used all three.

I wasn’t sure whether to use the moon photo for this challenge, but decided I would as it is undeniably ‘up’.

The next two photo’s are not quite as ‘up’ as the first, but I enjoy taking photo’s from these sort of angles. I would have liked to taken some from the top looking down too, but that was not possible with either of these subjects.

This is Herringfleet Smock Mill in Suffolk. It stands in marshland beside the Norfolk Broads (England, UK)

Just some spiral steps attached to a building on the beach at Aldeburgh in Suffolk (England, UK)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

After wandering around a garden center for a couple of hours with my camera, taking quite a lot of photo’s of various flowers and not being completely happy with any of the results, I ended up taking a few of some roses growing in my garden and settled with this one.

As I took this fairly close, you can’t see just how huge and rambling this bush has become over the years. It looks wild, but I like it like that so I do very little to it & prefer to let it just go where it likes.

I’m posting every week in 2011

I started this blog ages ago and haven’t really added much to it in all that time. So I decided to try and add more content more often. To help me do this I looked for some inspiration within the WordPress pages & found PostADay & PostAWeek.
I can’t commit to posting once a day, but I think I can manage to get something on here at least once a week, so I decided to sign up for PostAWeek. That means I will be posting on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011. Depending on how this goes I’ll see if I continue next year.

I will be making use of The Daily Post and other bloggers who are also doing this. It would be nice to get some feedback, comments etc. So if you don’t already read my blog, please have a look. Any & all encouragement is greatly welcomed.

Hello world!

Greetings and thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a male living in the UK and because I live in the UK I speak and type with a UK accent, so don’t be surprised if you often find words that look as though they’re not correct, they are to me. There are many odd little differences between English English and American English as I’m sure most of you are aware. I have no desire to get into a deep debate about which is correct as of course I will say my way is correct and you will say yours is and no doubt we both have really great reasons why. My really great reason is that it is called ‘English’ and I live in England, but it does not bother me in the slightest that you may spell something differently to the way I do. As long as you understand what I am saying that’s all that matters.

I suppose I could go on here about all my interests and hobbies etc, but I find that to be a huge waste of time in most cases. If I go to a blog then I want to read what that person has to say and I’m generally not interested in which football team they support or where they like to buy their weekly groceries. If someone interests me to the point that I wish to know more about them personally then I would take it upon myself to ask them. I would hope (and welcome) that if anyone wishes to know more about me that they would do the same.

I will use this to run on a load of waffle that will be less than interesting, but might help people to realise what I will actually be doing with blog.

I have a Google blog currently and while it is not exactly huge, it is building up quite nicely. I use it mainly for moaning & groaning about things that bug me, or exposing cons, scams & such, or anything really. I will use this one for the same, plus I will hopefully be adding more general items as and when they come to mind. So basically don’t expect anything ground breaking, this will just be whatever I feel like, when I feel like it and probably totally random & disconnected. Having said that I notice there is a categories feature here which I’m sure I didn’t have with the Google blog.

The Google blog is OK, but I’m not keen on the layout for a start. It seems to put all the text down the centre of the page and leaves great gaping margins on either side. I prefer it to look more like a regular website and don’t like the fact that it wastes so much space. There is also a lack of features & tools on their blog, perhaps they will add that later, but for me right now, it’s not really looking how I’d like. Having just said that I have just noticed that there doesn’t appear to be a way to change the font, which seems very odd. Maybe there is and I just don’t see it yet. Maybe one day I will be happy with one and stick with it. Hopefully this will be the one.

Anyway, I’m off to try and find how to import the old blog into this one and just have a play around with the features & tools etc.

I hope you enjoy what you read here, but if you don’t then I shall most certainly lose no sleep over it. 🙂

Thanks for reading this first entry & hope to have something that might interest you again in the future.