ebay feedback

There is something that started off as slightly annoying, but has now become quite infuriating and frustrating.. people who don’t bother leaving feedback on ebay.

It may seem quite trivial and that I’m making a fuss about nothing, but take a look around the ‘net and see just how many people are feeling the same way.

Originally the idea of feedback was so that any potential buyer/seller could get a rough idea of how reliable, honest, trustworthy & such a person was before trading with them. This worked reasonably well, but gradually it all changed to a waiting game. My opinion of the way it should work is that when a transaction is completed… that is, when an auction has finished, or a BIN has been finalised and the seller has received payment, regardless of anything else the buyer has completed their end of the deal. I believe that that is the point where the seller should leave feedback. If I paid promptly then that is all I can do and the next step is down to the seller.
There have always been some sellers who wait & see what feedback the buyer leaves before deciding what to leave themselves. This is wrong of course. The buyer’s feedback should not be based on whether they left good or bad feedback for the seller. The whole point of the system is to try and encourage people to trade properly, without messing each other about and maintain some standard of quality. It is down to the buyer to pay promptly and the seller to accurately & honestly describe the item, ship promptly with adequate packaging and give some kind of reassurance that they will deal with any problems that may arise. That’s not really that difficult and if adhered to, the system works quite well.

One day, not a million years ago, ebay decided to change the system so that sellers could not leave negative feedback. I realise this is a bit weird and doesn’t make the seller feel very happy, but I think the idea was that it would help to stop this growing tendency for sellers to wait to see what they get before they decide what to leave. After all, the only responsibility the buyer has is to pay and if they don’t pay then the seller doesn’t ship the item until they do. It should also encourage sellers to make sure that they are honest with their descriptions and prompt with their shipping, but it hasn’t really helped. In fact it has a new element to it now that didn’t exist before the change.
I recently had to contact a seller and ask them if they could leave feedback for me. The response wasn’t what I expected.

Me (Buyer):

Hi again, I recently reminded you about feedback for the item & still haven’t received any. I wondered if you were on holiday or something, but see your recent sales so that’s not the case.
Anyway, I paid immediately after I clicked the buy button. I also left positive for you…. so it would be appreciated if you could reciprocate.


Them (Seller):

feedback is one sided i can only leave positive so why would i rush to do it .ill do it when i can spare the time not when u think i should . if it cant be done then its probly coz i have to reply to stupid questions like this taking upmy timeso i hav eno time to do things of no importance like feedback”


Nice huh?
Well needless to say I wont be ordering anything from that bloke again. So in this case his attitude says a lot more about him than his feedback. This is the reason why feedback is important. He asked why he would rush to do it, suggested my request was a stupid question that wasted his time. This is a trader? This is someone that relies on people with stupid questions to put food on his table.
I replied to him with the reasons feedback exists and why it is important, more so to him as a seller than to me a buyer and  that thanks to his attitude he has lost a potential return customer and also gained some bad publicity by word of mouth (a very powerful tool) and such things as this very blog.

So there you have it. The way it works on ebay now is that if you buy an item and pay for it immediately… if you don’t see any feedback for that item within a few days then it’s likely that you either wont receive any at all or they’ll wait until you leave some. Even though they (sellers) can’t leave negative for you, they wont leave any until you do. Tit-for-tat.
So in light of this, I now refuse to leave feedback for a seller until they leave it for me. Tit-for-tat. It seems only fair. After all, I paid & completed my side of the transaction. It’s not the best way to deal with it, but what else can you do? I wont help a seller gain reputation if they can’t be bothered to take a couple of seconds to type a few words to help me. They have more to lose than I do… a point they seem to miss.


Annual £10 Smoking license. Are they having a laugh?

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the news stating that a Government health adviser has called for an annual £10 smoking license. I thought April 1st had come round early.

Click here to read the news article.

It makes me laugh how they assume that the majority of the general public are so stupid they wont question things like “Forcing smokers to apply for a £10 permit to buy cigarettes could help people to quit”.
So they’re trying to say that the £10 is nothing to do with milking smokers for a bit more money, but rather it’s for our health, our own good. I’m so glad that the government feel it is their duty to look out for me. I mean after all, they know what’s good for me better than I do, right? How thoughtful of them to think up this brilliant idea of charging me £10 more for the privilege of smoking. If I stop smoking in the future then I will be sure to thank them for their help and consideration of my health.

I wonder then, when this new smoking license actually becomes reality, will the cigarettes themselves be cheaper? I mean we already pay more tax on tobacco than almost any other country in the world.
No, of course not. I know the answer to my own question already. The £10 license fee will be on top of the current heavily taxed cost of tobacco. It wouldn’t work otherwise would it? Remember, it’s for our own good. It could help us to quit.
What about those who don’t particularly want to quit? They will still be subject to the fee.

The reality of it is that it has nothing to do with helping people quit. If someone wants to quit then they would do it. There are already enough patches, gums, pills & potions on the market to help people quit. Making it harder for people to afford to smoke isn’t really the best way to help someone quit in my opinion.
Their policy is that if we want to continue to smoke then we will have to pay whatever ridiculous charges they can dream up. Then in the face of it all they can fall back on the old ‘Well it’s for your own good’.

Allow me the indulgence of a quick rough calculation regarding how much money there is in tobacco. I must stress that this is very rough, but it makes the point adequately.

I will work with the UK alone.

UK population = approx 60 million (probably more)
Minus half that figure who are children (rough)
= 30 million population
Minus half that are non smokers (despite the claims, smokers are not in the minority, but for the purpose of this calculation we will assume half)
=15 million smoking population

1 packet of cigarettes is approximately £5 per packet.
If we assume that each smoker only smokes one packet a day.. (many people smoke more)
= £5 x 15 million
= £75 million a day.

Read it again… Seventy five million pounds a day. Most of which is tax.

And they have the cheek to treat us like dirt, like lepers or something unclean, refuse medical treatment to smokers etc.

Wanting to stop smoking and being forced to stop smoking are two completely different things.
What do they think is going to happen? Have they considered that people might just be getting a little fed up with all this constant bombardment of their rights? They obviously think that everyone is just going to accept what they do and keep on accepting it no matter how ridiculous it gets.
Surely I’m not the only one who can see how this might go. Have they considered the possibility that the tobacco trade will simply go underground?

That leads me nicely on to the next thing that I wanted to mention that is related to this subject.

WHO (World Health Organisation) wants treaty on illegal tobacco trade by 2010.

Click here to read the article.

Well isn’t that a bit of a problem? In one breath they want to force smokers to pay £10 for a license to smoke and in the next breath they state that they want to clamp down on illegal tobacco trade. Anyone see a problem with this?

The way I see it, if they are already realising that many people buy tobacco ‘illegally’ (and by illegally I assume they mean those people who buy from abroad and don’t pay the UK duty, which, as it always is in reality, the main problem, the money), how do they possibly think that by introducing a £10 fee to smoke is going to help this? Surely it is going to increase the problem.
Smokers who already pay an extortionate amount of tax on their cigarettes have been victimised over and over. Most recently the blanket ban on smoking in public places that serve food. That includes, pubs, restaurants, most workplaces now don’t allow it. This is still not enough for the anti groups. They now complain about all the people smoking outside the pubs and such and the subsequent cigarette butts scattered about outside. What do they expect? Do they really think that everyone is suddenly going to stop smoking just because they don’t like it? They had their little victory, but as is often the case that isn’t good enough. They will now push and push until they do remove other people’s rights completely. Well it’s time they shut up, people are fed up with being victimised and made to feel like lepers. Already one person’s rights have been removed to satisfy another’s, they should be happy with that and let it be.

The thing about this particular article that really annoys me (and again we see the same thing in so many cases) is the part where they say “The illicit tobacco trade is estimated to make up approximately 10 percent of global tobacco sales and costs governments between 40 and 50 billion dollars (27-34 billion euros) every year.”
That is absolute rubbish. It does not cost the government anything. Once again, the reality is that they lose the opportunity to make that amount of money. They cannot lose something they don’t already have. That is the amount of money they would make if everyone accepted their constant barrage of new rules & laws without question. When a good portion of the population don’t accept it and choose an alternative, they merely deny the government the chance to make that extra money. Basically an estimated revenue is affected by ‘illegal’ activities such as this ‘illicit trade of tobacco’. As usual they conveniently make laws to protect their rip-off tactics. So we have to pay them whatever they ask, for whatever reason they can dream up or we are deemed criminals.

National Lottery Website

Euro millions £95m

Lotto website.

I couldn’t get out of the house in time to buy a ticket for Euromillions which has a jackpot tonight (8th Feb 2008) of 95 million GBP, so I decided to buy my tickets online from the National Lottery website (which is the reason I decided to register with the site in the first place as I might not always be able to get out to buy a ticket).

When I tried to log in to the website I was presented with a message that said there seems to be a problem with the requested operation.

I persevered and eventually managed to get to the login page and entered my details. I was then presented with another error page.

I tried several times and actually managed to log in at one point. I was then told that my funds were below the required minimum and I would need to add funds. I clicked the button to add funds and enetered the amount and submitted it. Then I get yet another error message.

I tried again, this time I was told that my session has timed out and I needed to log in again.

Yes you guessed it, I couldn’t. 15 minutes I sat trying to log in to my account and still didn’t get anywhere.

“Service will be resumed shortly” they say on the website. When? After the draw most likely. Lot of good that will be.

I think this is disgusting that a company with as much money as they have cannot have a website capable of dealing with the amount of traffic that most people would expect from such a site.

Isn’t it obvious that by the nature of the website that a lot of people will be trying to access it on nights where the jackpot is very high? Isn’t that what the site is for?

So it looks as though many people will not even have the slim chance of wining this large amount of money because of the poorly set up website that should be able to cope easily with this amount of traffic.

If a company running a national lottery (or European lottery) cannot cope with the fact that most people in the country/countries will likely be trying to accessing the site at any given time then maybe they should upgrade their servers and or software or whatever the problem is, or failing that maybe they should consider a different business.

It is completely out of order and a major let down for everyone who relies on the site for the purchase of their tickets.
These people have no chance now of winning this large Jackpot.

I would imagine that many people will now put much less faith in the national lottery website.

And rightly so.
It is certainly true of me. I have little time for them now. A potentially life altering amount of money has been denied by their poorly organised system.

Are these people just content to keep grabbing the money as it rolls in? Well it would seem so wouldn’t it?
Why are they not prepared for this, they knew it was a rollover, they know it can only roll over 3 times and they know that when it’s a rollover that more people buy more tickets. So why has this come as such a surprise to them?

I am not a fan of the ‘sue them’ brigade or this age of litigation we currently live in, but in cases like this I think the company should be sued. They need to realise that they have commitments that they should uphold when they went into business.

Poorly organised and shoddy and wholly unfair for a very large amount of people.

I hope several people do sue them, I bet they wouldn’t make the same lame mistake again in a hurry.

For my part, if I don’t manage to get a ticket for this draw because of their poor management and lame excuses, I will never use the website again. I will consider not playing and will do what I can to discourage others.

Yeah right. The only thing that is likely to happen from those things I mentioned is that I wont use the website again, but even that is not likely to last long.
They know this, smug gits. They know that there is nothing people can do and if we decide to not play then we just make it easier for those who do play and it’s our own throats we cut.

It’s a common attitude these days, same as it is with employers and most other businesses around this country particularly.

Eventually, with 30 minutes left before the draw I get into the system and add my funds.

They accepted my fund transfer of 10GBP into their account from my bank. I went to the relevant game and chose my draws. I submit the draws and the system stops again. I’m then signed out and when I try to sign in again the system is back to it’s former crap self.

Quick enough to take my money though eh? Sorted the site out specially for that.

I intend to try and transfer the funds back to my bank now. I am fully expecting them to say it can’t be done. No doubt the funds can only be transferred into the Lotto account.
They will likely say that I should use the funds to play other games.
The thing is, I don’t want to play other games, I wanted to play that game.

Now if some kind person could pick my rattle up and throw it back in the pram I would be most grateful. 🙂

Grumpy old man

There is a programme (or at least there was, I don’t know if it is still running) on BBC2 called ‘Grumpy old men’ which is (somewhat obviously) where the inspiration for this blog came from.

I very often find my sitting here at my keyboard, reading the news online and catch myself being a grumpy old man. Like the narrator of the TV show, Geoffrey Palmer, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief and ‘tutting’ at the screen. I must add that I’m not quite as jowly as the aforementioned presenter, so get that image out of your head for a start.

Before I start adding any stories or gripes in any detail I would just like to mention a few things, in brief, that have also contributed to my decision to start this blog.

In the past few months I have shaken my head at the following:

Two foreign vandals (somewhere in Norwich I believe) smashed up a car in the street and despite being caught on CCTV red-handed they got away with it with something like a caution. The reason for this was explained to be something to do with the delicate situation concerning the crime and the fact that they were foreigners. So basically the way that looks to me is that they were let off because if there had been any charges brought to them it might have been seen as a racist thing. If this was not the case then I would like someone to explain to me how it is that two men can smash up a car, be clearly seen and identified on CCTV and get away with it. If it was theft or shoplifting then maybe I could see that even though they knew it was wrong (which they clearly must have known about smashing up someone’s car. I don’t think there is any country in the world where it is legal to vandalise another person’s property) they had to do it because they had no money and were hungry, or didn’t understand the currency (but even that would require a serious stretch of the imagination to forgive the crime), or whatever. However, this was not the case. It was willful destruction of property that clearly didn’t belong to them, an inexcusable act of vandalism.

(The above short story could lead me nicely on to the subject of immigrants and the unjust system concerning us & them, but I will save that for later.)

A few days after reading the article regarding the above I saw that a fifteen year old boy, somewhere in this country, had been fined fifty pounds on the spot penalty by a Community Support officer for throwing a chip (for the benefit of my American friends who may not realise we call chips what you call fries) on the floor to feed a seagull.
I wonder if he had been a foreigner would he have been let off?

Much more recently in the news is another story concerning these Community Support Officers where two of them refused to jump into a pond to save a drowning ten year old boy. The reason they gave for their lack of action was that they “were not trained to deal with the incident”.
So what training does anyone need to jump in a pond and save a child’s life? It was a pond, probably not even very deep, so the chances are they wouldn’t have even needed to be able to swim that well themselves.

Click here for BBC article.

What is the point of having these officers that stand by and watch a child drown? Oh yes, that’s right, to fine those that feed seagulls.

That’s what this country calls justice!

Moving away from the news for a minute, my next subject here is general moaning and I’ll start with inconsiderate people.

What is it with car drivers and the full beam headlight thing?
While I do drive a car too I mostly ride a motorcycle and maybe it’s because of that reason I am considerate towards bikers, but many are not. Perhaps it is those that only a drive a car and have never ridden a bike, but while most of them seem to understand the reason for dipping their lights when they are behind another car as it can dazzle the driver in front in his mirror, they don’t seem to realise that the same thing applies to bikers for the same reason.
Most of my journeys are through country roads and I understand that drivers need a full beam on these roads, as do I, but I am often blinded by drivers behind as they fail to dip the lights even when they clearly must have seen me.
The problem is that on a motorcycle I have no hazard warning lights or any way of signalling the driver behind that he needs to dip his lights. I have tried ‘dabbing’ the brakes to flash the brake light, but that doesn’t seem to work, I suppose they just think I’m a nervous rider and have my foot on the brake.
The problem is it’s so tempting to let them pass and then ride behind them on high beam, but of course I don’t, I’m far too sensible for that.

So a note to any car drivers out there that might be reading this and may be guilty of this annoying ignorance. Those two shiny things sticking out each side of my handle bars are in fact mirrors and you can dazzle me as easily as you can dazzle another car driver.

While I’m on this subject I would also like to suggest that maybe your reactions could be a tad faster when you are coming toward another driver/rider. If I am riding and my lights are on full beam and I see another car’s lights in the distance (it is possible to read the road sufficiently to see this before you actually see the car) I dip mine, why can’t you do the same? Why do you have to leave it until you can actually see me before you dip the lights? By the time you can actually read the label on the crash helmet I’m wearing it’s too late, I’m already blinded.
When you’re travelling at some 60mph and I’m doing the same in the opposite direction it doesn’t take much brain power to work out the possible consequences of the bike rider being unable to see the road.

Before anyone starts with some lame excuses about maybe they don’t see me or whatever, my light, although a single light, is as bright as any car light. I can see other motorcycle lights so there is no excuse.

Ahh, that’s another thing I just thought of. On the subject of seeing me, why do car drivers, even though they don’t have right of way assume that because I am on a bike that they can break the rule of right of way?
If I am on my side of the road and there are no obstructions such as parked cars or whatever on my side of the road, but there are on your side, I have right of way. What that means quite simply is that you should wait for me to pass before you come through. What most of you seem to do is think “Ah it’s just a bike, he can fit through” or something.
Bikes are generally moving a bit quicker than most people realise and we certainly out-accelerate you most of the time, so observe the same rules of the road with us as you would if we were in a car, they still apply regardless of the amount of wheels our vehicles have.
Stop being so impatient and inconsiderate and risking lives!

As with all my blogs any comments and responses are welcome, as is hate mail, but you will get a reply.

Broadband speeds

After being told about a news broadcast on BBC Radio 2 regarding how slow Britain is in the broadband department compared to other countries, including some European countries, I decided to blog this.

Apparently some countries, such as Japan, Korea, Finland and Sweden offer 100Mbps connection by means of fibre optic networks.
Subscribers to these networks can upload at the same speed as they download which is not possible with regular cable connections such as ADSL (over a phone line).
Their blinding speeds (compared to ours) are said to be the best speeds at the lowest prices, and yet the excuse given for us not having it here is that “It’s not a viable option”

Click here for ‘Global Broadband prices revealed’

It was mentioned that in the UK “There is a huge gap between advertised broadband speeds and the actual speeds users can achieve”.
I am personally paying for a package that offers up to 8Mb, but what I actually get is half Meg Broadband. I am told this is due to the fact that the actual speed I can receive is down to the what the nearest exchange to me can deliver. Living in a field as I do, it is no surprise that my local exchange (situated in a relatively small village) can not deliver the full 8Mb that I am I offered by my ISP until BT get around to upgrading the exchange to be able to do so.
Even those people I know personally (friends & family) who are on the 8Mb deal still very rarely actually get the full 8Mb, most often they get around 5Mb if they’re lucky.

According to an article I read, BT is currently upgrading its exchanges to allow for broadband speeds of up to 24Mbps which will be made available from early 2008. Click here to read that article.
They claim this upgrading is part of their 21st Century Network Programme. I find that almost an insult, that they are upgrading to offer us (some who are lucky enough to live in an area capable of delivering) 24Mbps speeds like it is some great new groundbreaking technological breakthrough that we should be in awe of, when other countries are already receiving 100Mbps speeds through fibre networks.

I wonder what this new amazing 24Mb speed is likely to cost us. I already feel cheated because I’m paying the same as someone who actually gets close to 8Mb broadband (maybe 5Mb or 6Mb) when all I get is 512k. That’s the price I pay for living in the country. BT obviously don’t see us (country folk) as important enough to spend the money on upgrading the smaller exchanges to bring us up to the speed we should be getting anyway, but don’t mind spending however much it will cost to upgrade those already getting 8Mb to 24Mb.
What’s the betting I’ll still be on 512k when the larger towns & cities are on 24Mb?

Why don’t they spend the money on fibre networks and have done with it? They wont have to replace that no matter how fast we eventually get.

Click here for ‘Broadband speeds under scrutiny’.

It’s likely that I will expand on this subject in time, but for now I would be interested to hear your views. Are you getting the full speed you were offered? Please feel free to comment on any aspect of this subject.

Nightmare on ISP Street

I wasn’t sure what to call this entry. I toyed with ‘What a bunch of idiots who half of which don’t know what the other half is doing and in this day and age of technology have to make customers wait about a month to get reconnected because of crazy MAC codes and ridiculous wait times when it should be a simple case of pressing a button’.. but that is just way too long for a blog title.

So here’s the deal..

I had a phone call from another ISP (competitor) offering me the deal of the century. They claimed they could offer me the same service as I was already getting for nearly half the price.. WOW. How could I say no? I wish I had.

So I decided to take them up on their incredible offer.

I was informed that I would need to get a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) code from my current service provider and once I had this to ring them (the new service providers) and give them the code.
I rang my provider and asked for the code, and after several minutes of having to explain why I wanted to leave them, they finally confirmed that they would get the code sent to me in the mail (snail mail). They said this could take between 7 and 10 days to arrive. *Gasp* 7 – 10 days without internet access, how would I survive?

After about 5 days I received the code and quickly (very quickly) rang the new providers to give them the code.
When I eventually got through to the right department I gave them the code and asked them to confirm that I had done all that was necessary to swap to their service. I also asked them to confirm what I would be getting for the money. I was originally told that I would get the same service as I was already getting from my current ISP.

That is unlimited free phone calls (24/7), unlimited/unrestricted broadband (up to 8Mb speed) and line rental. The voice on the other end of the line said “No, that’s not what I have here”. They informed me that I would get a restricted broadband service (something like 40Gb, but even so, still not unrestricted). They said I would need to get onto BT (British Telecom – which incidentally is based in India, very British eh?) and become their customer and remain so for a minimum of 7 days before they could request control of my line. They also informed me that there is a broadband setup fee of £40 (which I was also not told about).
When I finally caught my breath I asked them what the cost would be for unrestricted broadband and it turned out to be the same as I was already paying my current provider. It did mean that I would also have to pay BT separately for the line rental.
So it turns out I was lied to about the deal initially, not told of the broadband setup fee, would ultimately be paying the same as I already was and would have to be paying two separate companies for the same service I currently received from one.

I decided to change my mind. You’d think that would be easy enough right? Surely it’s my right to do so? I changed my mind there & then on the phone. I did not wait & have to ring them back or anything, so what was the problem?
The problem was that despite saying I had changed my mind the new company decided to initiate my MAC code anyway. Maybe they thought I wouldn’t notice or something, so desperate were they to have my custom.

I rang my original provider back and told them the whole tale. They told me that as long as the other company had cancelled the MAC code and everything then my service should remain as normal. Great. 🙂

No, not great at all.

Next day my internet service stops and nothing I do will make it work. I even reset the router and entered all my details again. I rang tech support at 0.50 per minute (or whatever the ripoff charge is these days) and clocked up a good £10 call I’m sure, all to no avail. They had no idea why I had no service. they said that as far as they could see all was well their end and I should have service.
But I didn’t, and no amount of screaming down the phone or sobbing silently into my cold coffee could change that.

I rang the new company back and asked them to confirm that they had cancelled the service, to which they assured me they had.

Hmm.. something strange going on I thought.

Anyway, to cut a long and frustrating story short[er], it turns out that the new company had in fact cancelled my service, but not the MAC code that they shouldn’t have initiated in the first place.

I was a little annoyed to say the least.

I rang the new company again so I could rant & rave down the phone at them and eventually they told me I would need a new MAC code from them to give back to my original provider. OMG.
They said they would create the code (which would take up to 48 hours) and get it in the mail (snail mail again) to me, which could, of course, take up to 7 – 10 days. *Gasp* That’s like over 2 weeks now. Withdrawal symptoms setting firmly in I muttered something like “Hmm, OK, but hurry up”.

Around a week later the code arives and I get back onto my original supplier (once again, very quickly) and ask them how long before I would be connected.
They said that it could be anything up to 14 days. WHAT? ANOTHER 2 WEEKS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
What could I do but wait? So I waited.

Finally I get a letter telling me my ‘Go live’ date, which happened to be almost another week from the day I received the letter.

The day finally arrived.

One thing I forgot to mention was that when I rang BT to swear.. I mean talk to them about it all they offered me their own package deal. They said they could re-acquire my line that day. I was so excited, I thought why not? They can get me online today.

But guess what? yep, it was another lie. They could re-acquire the line for sure, but they still couldn’t connect me for 2 weeks because of this stupid MAC code business. Also their deal was less for more. Less service for more money. I didn’t want to complicate things further so I politely declined. Yeah right.

Well I’m back. It’s so nice to be back. I felt like I’d had a limb or two removed.
I should have known better, I went against all my instincts (something I very rarely do) in the hope of a cheaper deal. All that to save a few pounds.

It has taught me, or more accurately reinforced something that I already knew but chose to ignore. Two things in fact..

Better the Devil you know, and, If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Just for the record, and because they lied to me, I have decided to name the new company I almost changed to so others can be aware of some of the tactics these companies employ to gain customers.
I don’t feel bad about naming them and neither am I scared of legal proceedings against me, for I believe that if they wish to take me to court for this naming here then they will have to produce recordings of the phone conversations between me and them and that alone will prove that I am telling the truth and not just out to discredit their good name *Choke* for no reason.
I have been without a connection for around a month thanks to them and their deceit and dragging their heels as far as releasing my line again (which they should not have taken over in the first place) goes.

The company that I would not personally recommend is Sky.

Thanks for reading.