Shuffling fish

It seems that a few of the fish have had a recent burst of growth and space for them all is becoming a bit of a problem. Not a huge problem yet, but significant enough for me to do something about it before it gets out of hand.
So far I’ve removed a gold severum and two firemouths from the main tank, leaving two male convicts (one of which is to be removed), a gold severum, oscar, firemouth, kribensis and the crazy ruby shark. I’m looking for a larger tank and am thinking of swapping everything around and having it all set up differently.

The plan is to eventually end up with enough space for a green terror in a main tank. I haven’t decided exactly which, if any, tank mates to include. I’m thinking either a Jack Dempsey or oscar. Maybe a male convict or a school of tiger barbs. I’ll let you know when I know.
I will also be keeping a Malawi tank, for now at least, but knowing my attraction to the giant cichlids I don’t know how long it’ll be before I change my mind again.
Of course I will be keeping the severum and oscar if possible, though I’ve heard that fully grown oscars don’t play well with others, so again I’ll just have to see how that goes. If it doesn’t work out with the oscar & severum then I’ll split them up and put the firemouth back with the severum, or something. Ha, I have no idea what I’m doing really, do I?



As promised, here’s a better photo of the Oscar.

(Click image for full size)
Oscar & Ruby

It’s still not a great photo, but they’ll get better as he grows. Weird huh?

He (actual gender unknown) doesn’t look as though he’s going to have a huge amount of colour, but I’m not sure if that changes as they age?  If anyone knows, I’d welcome the comments.

Oh and yes, that’s a Ruby shark in there. He holds his own with all the Cichlids he’s lived with so far, including the Severum. I don’t know how long that will be the case as the Oscar & Severum grow. Again, comments/advice welcome.

All rather confusing really.

Just for a laugh… No, because I’m too lazy to keep up with two blogs… no, because I was programmed by aliens… no, because I had a vision…  I just merged my blogs. I don’t know if it was a great idea, but it’s done. I think it just threw the abandoned blog in here randomly, so I hope it’s not too scruffy.

Just to fill up some space…  I bought two new fish today. A Tiger Oscar and a Pseudotropheus demasoni. I know, why don’t they give it a normal name? We don’t go round saying “I just bought an Astronotus ocellatus”.  We call it an Oscar. So why isn’t the demasoni called a Grammy or something? 😉

Something I didn’t consider when I bought the fish was the fact that the demasoni is African. It occurred to me after I got home & I checked it out online and sure enough, it’s apparently not a good idea to mix them.
Having said that, so far there has been no trouble. Nothing else really resembles him so I’m hoping it’ll be OK. We’ll see.

I am planning to upgrade the tank soon as it wont be long before I have no space for them all.
I’ll try & remember to get here & let you know.


The Oscar was almost invisible against the background so I’ll upload a photo of him as soon as I get one.