Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

For this photo challenge I couldn’t decide which of the following photo’s to use, so I used all three.

I wasn’t sure whether to use the moon photo for this challenge, but decided I would as it is undeniably ‘up’.

The next two photo’s are not quite as ‘up’ as the first, but I enjoy taking photo’s from these sort of angles. I would have liked to taken some from the top looking down too, but that was not possible with either of these subjects.

This is Herringfleet Smock Mill in Suffolk. It stands in marshland beside the Norfolk Broads (England, UK)

Just some spiral steps attached to a building on the beach at Aldeburgh in Suffolk (England, UK)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

After wandering around a garden center for a couple of hours with my camera, taking quite a lot of photo’s of various flowers and not being completely happy with any of the results, I ended up taking a few of some roses growing in my garden and settled with this one.

As I took this fairly close, you can’t see just how huge and rambling this bush has become over the years. It looks wild, but I like it like that so I do very little to it & prefer to let it just go where it likes.

I’m posting every week in 2011

I started this blog ages ago and haven’t really added much to it in all that time. So I decided to try and add more content more often. To help me do this I looked for some inspiration within the WordPress pages & found PostADay & PostAWeek.
I can’t commit to posting once a day, but I think I can manage to get something on here at least once a week, so I decided to sign up for PostAWeek. That means I will be posting on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011. Depending on how this goes I’ll see if I continue next year.

I will be making use of The Daily Post and other bloggers who are also doing this. It would be nice to get some feedback, comments etc. So if you don’t already read my blog, please have a look. Any & all encouragement is greatly welcomed.